Wednesday 5 July 2023

[S4] 2023 S4 Preliminary Examination

Dear S4 students,

2023 S4 Preliminary Exam starts on 14 Aug (Monday) and ends on 30 Aug (Wednesday).

Please find the schedule in the link here: 2023 S4 Preliminary Exam Schedule.

There will be two briefings to students:

1. 1 Aug (Tue), 07:45-08:00 - Prelim Exam (Science Practical) (tbc)

2. 3 Aug (Thu), 08:45-09:00 - Prelim Exam (Written) (tbc)

Kindly familiarise yourselves with the Test/Examination Rules and Regulations; pages 1, 3 and 4.

Posted by Mrs Lim Woon Foong, HOD Science