Monday 21 April 2014

4 events to score more points for your House!

  1. 1.    2014 SST Talent Showcase
  2. 2.    2014 Inter-House Decorate & Display Challenge @the Info Hub
  3. 3.    2014 Inter-House Cosplay Challenge
  4. 4.    2014 Inter-House School Song Video Challenge

1. 2014 SST Talent Showcase

This is an opportunity to showcase your talent. If you are good at singing, dancing, telling jokes, performing magic tricks, spinning tops or you have an Indie band that needs a platform for performance, etc., do come audition for a spot in the SST Talent showcase.

Auditions are on Tuesday 13th May and Thursday 15th May in the Auditorium, 2pm onwards.

House points will be given for all participants who get shortlisted to perform on Youth Day Celebrations, 4th July 2014,12pm in the MPH.

Note: If your performance is a group performance and your group happens to be made up of people from different houses, you can still score points. For example, a band may have 2 red house participants, 1 blue house participant and 1 black house participant. The scoring will be adjusted to enable red house to have 2 times more points than blue house and black house.

2. 2014 Inter-House Decorate & Display Challenge @ the Info-Hub (leading to Inter-School Decorate & Display Competition)

This is to enable each house to show creative ideas and love of books, by working as a team of not less than 2 and not more than five people to decorate one section of the library. The decoration should be based on a theme related to a section of books or a specific corner in the info-hub e.g. Careers Corner or What’s New corner. This theme can be decided by the team and needs to be approved by Ms Patricia Ng.

The student team must produce their own display items and decorations. A one page outlining the students’ design ideas of what was carried out during the ‘make over’ process and pictures of the before and after make-over process must also be submitted.

Meeting to decide sections for each house to decorate and any questions on theme: 12th May 2014, straight after school at 3pm, Info Hub.

Proposal of theme and choice of section of info-hub to decorate to Ms Patricia Ng 14th May 2014.

Period for putting up decoration: 19th- 20th May 2014

Judging of displays: 21st May 2014 onwards.

The winning design will then be submitted by 28th May 2014 for an Inter-School Decorate and Display Competition organized by CIVICA. There are book vouchers, certificates for first and 2nd prize winners and a commemorative trophy for the first prize winner and the design will be featured in CIVICA’s Eureka blog.

Please approach your house captains and vice-captains if you are interested in being one of the participants of your house team.

3. 2014 Inter-House Cosplay Challenge
This is really to help us all appreciate the art of dressing up as a character and the finer details of performance to be able to portray a character.

Each house needs to send one representative for this challenge on 4th July 2014 as part of Youth Day Celebrations. This will be included in a segment during the SST Talent Showcase performances.

Judging will be based on best characterization. This is to show how the character is closest to the original in terms of performance and costume. Well made self-made costumes will gain extra merit but store bought costumes are allowed. Cosplaying is NOT restricted to Japanese anime.

Each character is given a maximum of 1 minute to perform. The choice of performance is based on what your character is. For example: If she is a vocaloid, then singing and movement is expected or if the character is one from a first person shooter game then the actions have to be appropriate to that character.

An emcee can be used to introduce the character. Do remember not everyone watches the same anime, play the same games, read the same books or watch the same movies, so you might have to help the audience appreciate your characters better.

Music, sound effect or video can be used as accompaniment.

After 1 minute (includes emcee time), the performer must leave the stage.

If you are interested in representing your House in this, please approach your house captain or vice captain.

4. 2014 Inter-House School Song Video Challenge

Here is your chance to put something meaningful and visually interesting into our school song. You are allowed to use still shots, animation or anything that would be deemed suitable for our school song. The video must not contain obscene or vulgar materials/signs/ language or images.

Each house is allowed to submit multiple entries.

Submission date: 4th July 2014

Winning entries will be featured. All submissions of decent quality will be awarded House points.

*Out-going and In-coming House captains please take note of deadlines and promote these events and ensure that you send in participants for each event to score significant house points.

Any further questions can be directed to Ms Patricia Ng, or message her on Facebook or contact her during office hours on 65717414.