Sunday 14 December 2014

2015 Pre-school Engagement Programme - Session 3

Dear 2015 Sec 1 students,


In the Pre-School Engagement Activities - Session 2, we briefly encountered Google Forms and Sheets. Here's a recap of the basics you have learnt in Google sheets (from one of the guides I shared in Session 2):

  • Google Sheets handles data and make meaning out of them using functions and formulas.
  • Like Docs, Sheets are cloud-based and facilitates collaborative editing and commenting.
Furthermore, Forms are tightly integrated with Sheets and data collected from a form can go straight to a sheet.

Let's watch a video introduction to the latest change in Google Sheets.

For session 3, we will start with a video introduction to Google Forms.

For references on specific technical skills involving Google Forms, read the guide created by Eric Curts.

Let do a simple activity in Forms to collate information on the participation of 2015 Sec 1 students on the Pre-School Engagement Activities:

Progress Track Form Activity

  1. Based on your participation in the activities so far, complete the form below:

2. Access the form data at and make a copy in your own drive.

3. Using built-in functions such as AVERAGE or COUNTIF, create a summary of responses for the progress.

4. Check out the auto summary of responses generated by Google Forms.

Data Gathering Task

  1. Each of you will design a survey with at least 3 questions and at most 10 questions.
    The questions must revolve around a general theme or hypothesis, eg, Study habits of 2015 Sec 1 SST students, Food that we love etc .
  2. Create a Google Form and get at least twenty five Sec 1 Students (2015) to respond. Store the responses in a separate spreadsheet with the same name as the form.
  3. Generate a report of the findings in a one-page Google Doc. The Doc must have at least a few charts and a concluding paragraph. Embed the Google Doc as a post in your blog.