Monday, 23 February 2015

Support SST C Division Soccer!

On the 24th of Feb, at 4.30 PM, SST C division soccer will be playing defending champions Jurongville Secondary School. Our soccer team would really like our SST students go down to Jurongville Secondary School to cheer them on because this may determine if they win or lose the match. If they win it, they will qualify for the west zones, which means a lot to them.

Here are the directions to Jurongville Secondary School:

1. Walk to the bus stop opposite school and take 185
2. Drop off 11 stops later, or when you reach a stop named 'Blk 490, Jurong West Avenue 1'. 
3. You will see Jurong Poly opposite the bus stop.
4. Go in the direction of the bus of which you just alighted.
5. After you pass Jurong Poly, you will see a footsal area, cross the road there and follow the road towards the footsal place.
6. Jurongville sec would now be in your view.
7. Walk to jurongville and say at the security guard post that you will be there to spectate the match.

Whole journey will take you about 45 mins. Please do be punctual for the match.