Tuesday 23 June 2015

Health Advisory to Parents

Dear Parents/Guardians

During the June vacation, you might have travelled to countries and regions affected by MERS-CoV (e.g. South Korea, Middle East etc). We would like you to note that Ministry of Health (MOH) has advised travellers to these affected countries to inform their doctor of the areas that they have travelled to should they become unwell or develop a fever within 2 weeks from the return to these areas. You may wish to refer to the following URL for further details on MOH advisory regarding travel to a MERS-CoV area (www.moh.gov.sg).  Students who are unwell within 2 weeks from their travel to a MERS-CoV affected area should see a doctor, and refrain from coming back to school until he/she is recovered.

To ensure the wellbeing of our students, we would like to seek your help to inform us if your child had travelled to South Korea or to the Middle East during the June vacation. We would appreciate it if you could provide us with the information using this link:
Thank you.
Warmest regards,
School of Science and Technology, Singapore.