Wednesday, 15 July 2015

Combined Auditions for SST Talent Show Case & Staff Appreciation Day Concert

Calling all who would like to perform for SST Talent Show Case and/or Staff Appreciation Day Concert. 

There will be auditions on 24 July 2015 and 29 July2015 in the Auditorium from 2.30pm onwards so mark the dates in your schedule!
For those who take part in the auditions and show sufficient preparation, your will be given participation points for your House. 
For example, you decide to come as a juggler. Your House will score 1 point for taking part. However if you make it through to the concert, you will score extra points.

For groups with members from different houses, the same point system applies to you.
For example, you might enter as a vocal group but your 2 friends are from Green House and Blue house whilst you are from Yellow. All three houses will be credited with 1 point each for participation but if your group gets shortlisted to perform for the concert, you will be given extra points.

Further details to sign up will be given on Monday by the PSB. Please look out for the link in this student blog.

For further enquiries, you can approach Ms Patricia Ng. You can also call her on 65717200 during office hours or drop her an email: or message her on FaceBook.