Tuesday 21 July 2015

In celebration...

Dear SST Students,

Today marks the Racial Harmony Day in Singapore.  Thank you for being part of multi-cultural community in SST.  We hope you enjoy our short sharing in the morning.

As part of NE Committee efforts to preserve racial harmony in Singapore, we would like to promote a nation-wide event.  Do sign up if you are interested.  See attach for details.

Do visit the Infohub as there is a combined exhibition on Digital Citizenship issues & Racial Harmony Showcase.  Exhibition on Digital Citizenship Showcase includes SST digital citizenship info brief, Original works done by students and information (articles, print and non-print) on Cyber issues

For Racial Harmony Day Showcase, it includes the cultural practices of communities in Singapore and display of interracial items ranging from cutleries, wedding materials to traditional games.

From: Digital Citizenship & National Education Team