Thursday, 8 October 2015

[Gentle Reminder for Sec 1-3 students] Please bring your LD to school tomorrow.

Dear Sec 1-3 students,

The student ICT Survey 2015 (Sec 1 -3) will be administered on Friday, 9th Oct, from 0740 to 0820. Please report to your class before 0740 for the singing of the national anthem. Your form teacher will facilitate the implementation of the survey. You are to bring along your learning device to participate in the survey. The post-exam activities will commend after the survey.

About the ICT Survey

The student ICT survey gathers student self-reported data about: 
  • Use of laptops and perceived effects on work habits, learning, and classroom environment 
  • Student engagement and the value they perceive in their schoolwork 
  • Learning strategies and organizational skills
These data allows us to track the progress of the implementation of the 1-to-1 programme in SST.
The expected duration of the survey is  30 minutes

Thank you for your participation.

SST ICT Department