Monday 12 October 2015

Urgent: Changes to IE Bazaar Layout

Hi Everyone,

I have made some changes to the MPH and ISH Layout for IE Bazaar 2015. You can find the updated layout here on slides 3 & 4:

​Key points:
1. All Sec 1 games stall have been relocated to MPH
2. All food, drinks and snacks are to be sold and consumed in ISH
3. The ticketing booth can be found in the ISH (or gym, if conditions allow).

Please note that:
1. Send someone to General Office at 7.45 - 8am to collect coupons and 2 boxes.
2. After the event, return all boxes (do not throw!!!) and coupons to Our Space. Look for Ms Adele Lim and other teachers there.​

Warning: Strictly no cash transactions allowed. All coupons have to be bought from SW teachers.

Warmest Regards,

Mr Dennis Lam