Tuesday, 19 January 2016

Chingay 2016 Community Engagement Programme

Dear SST Students,

SST NE Committee, in collaboration with Student Development Committee, would like to inform you that CE Lesson on 25th January 2016 will be on the upcoming Chingay 2016 Community Engagement Programme.  

For smooth administration of the hands-on activity, Class NE Representative can get the classmates to pen down thoughts and ideas on what you dream of Singapore in 2065 (in 50 years’ time).  
  • You may use various platforms like Class Blog, Google Classroom to start the online discussion.  
  • You may refer to the E-Magazine from Chingay 2016 Committee for more information on the celebrations.
An interesting hands-on activity will be carried out during the CE Lesson on Monday, 25th January.  Please be reminded to bring permanent markers, decorative materials like coloured papers and other suitable materials.

Showcase your creativity on 25th January!

Thank you.

SST NE Committee in collaboration with Student Development Committee