Thursday 7 January 2016

Fruit token usage reminder

Dear students,

The school has implemented the Healthy Meals In School Programme from 4 Jan 2016. With this, every meal purchased in the canteen comes in a set with fruit. A token is given to every student to redeem a fruit from the fruit machine. All students are strongly encouraged to redeem and consume the fruits as part of a healthy diet.

For the fruit redemption system to work, the tokens given out must be returned to the system either by redemption from the fruit machine or returning the tokens to Canteen Stall 3 (Drinks and Fruits). These returned tokens will then be reused. The redemption system fails when the tokens are not returned to the system as there would be insufficient tokens in the system. We have experienced this intermittently.

The tokens, like the cutlery issued during every purchase, must be returned after use as they are the property of the canteen operators. Students are once again reminded to help the canteen operators make this system work by redeeming your fruits from the machine or returning the tokens to Canteen Stall 3 (Drinks and Fruits) if you do not wish to consume the fruits.