Monday 15 February 2016

[S1 & S2] Total Defence Day (Reflections)

Dear Sec 1 & 2 SST students,
Here are the instructions for the Reflections.  Click on the link here to access the slides.
Do some time to pen down your thoughts.  You need to refer to the Questions in Slide 6 and write accordingly (answer all three questions).  Write your reflections on one side of the paper only.  Refer to Slide 5 for sample.  Do remember to write appropriately.
You may send in your reflections to your Form Teacher on Wednesday, 17th February 2016 during FT Time.  Your Form Teacher will vet your reflections and pass all the vetted reflections to Mdm Azizah, by Friday 19th February 2016.
Thank you.
On behalf of SST NE Events Team
(Mdm Azizah, Ms Wong Ho Yan, Ms Ruth Loh & Ms Huang)