Wednesday 1 February 2017

Math Talent Development Programme (TDP)

Dear students,

Math TDP this year will take place on Mondays from 3-4:30pm at the Maths Room. The programme targets S2-S3 students but keen S1 students are always welcome to participate. Unlike previous years, Math TDP this year will be designed around modules of mathematical interest, each of which will last about 3-4 weeks. One advantage of this arrangement is that you do not need to commit for a whole year of sessions; you can just pick and choose whatever module interests you. However, once you have committed to a module, please try to turn up for all 3-4 weeks.

The first module of the year will be on Fibonacci numbers and the Golden Ratio. Here’s a sneak preview to what you can expect from the module.

What are Fibonacci numbers?
How are Fibonacci numbers related to the Golden Ratio?
How can we calculate the billionth Fibonacci number without first calculating the first 999999999?

The first session will commence on T1W6 (6 Feb). If you are curious about Fibonacci numbers or are just eager to find out more about Math TDP, do drop by.

We hope to see you there.

From: Mr Chen Jinquan