Thursday 9 February 2017

Total Defence Day: Pre-Sharing Survey for Sec 3 & 4 students only (pls respond by 10 Feb, 9 pm)

Dear Sec 3 & Sec 4 students

In view of the upcoming commemoration of Total Defence Day in Term 1 Week 7, there will be Sharing Session during Assembly Period on Friday 17th February for Upper Sec students. As such, we need to gather your input prior to the session.

You are strongly encouraged to complete this survey form.
Click HERE to access
It will take about 5 minutes to complete the form.
Please complete the form by Friday 10th February, 9 p.m.

Thank you.

NE Events Team
(Mdm Azizah, Ms Wong HY, Ms Ruth Loh, Ms Pearl Huang)

*Email has been sent to all Sec 3 & 4 students, HOYs & FTs