Monday 5 February 2018


Dear Students,

The festive period is just around the corner. Whilst we are planning for our respective reunion dinners, there is a group of people within our community who might not be as fortunate. 

This year, the ACE (Active Citizenship Education) leaders are organising a food donation drive for the less privileged in our community. The ACE leaders are working with Food From The Heart (FFTH) and Mr Raymond Khoo (Founder - Saturdays @Lengkok Bahru) to collect food donations from the SST community. The ACE leaders aim to collect food items to distribute to at least 200 families. 

The following food items may be dropped off at these collection points between 7th February - 12 February 2018:
  1. outside ISH
  2. outside GO
  3. outside the staffroom

Food items requested by FFTH  (with shelf life of at least 6 months)
  1. 5kg packs of rice
  2. small bottles of cooking oil
  3. milo packets (3-in-1 sachets)
  4. biscuits
  5. Canned food

Food items requested by Saturdays@Lengkok Bahru during this festive period (with shelf life of at least 6 months)
  1. 5kg packs of rice
  2. small bottle of cooking oil
  3. canned food
  4. Brands essence of chicken - a special festive treat for the less privileged residents (elderly) in the Lengkok Bahru estate. 

To find out more about FFTH, please click here.
To find out more about Saturdays@Lengkok Bahru, please click here

The ACE leaders will be using the Instagram page to update us on the outcome of the Food Donation Drive. Do help to spread awareness of their project by using the hashtag #ACEfooddrive2k18

Thank you for taking action to do your part for our community! :)