Tuesday 14 January 2020

Sec 1 CCA Tryouts: Venues and Schedule

Dear Sec 1 students,

You are to report to CCA's that you are interested in for tryouts starting tomorrow. The schedule and reporting venues of various CCA's can be found in this spreadsheet:


Email the CCA Teacher IC's if you have further queries.

Ms Rachel Oh (Astromony) <rachel_oh@sst.edu.sg>
Ms Christine Lam Lai Hwa (English Drama Club) <christine_lam@sst.edu.sg>
Mr Tan Wei (SYFC) <tan_wei@sst.edu.sg>
Mr Liu Yi Jie (Basketball) <liu_yi_jie@sst.edu.sg>
Ms Yap Hui Min (Badminton) <yap_hui_min@sst.edu.sg>
Ms Yeo Sok Hui (Guitar Ensemble) <yeo_sok_hui@sst.edu.sg>
Mr Seth Tan Jee Kok (Scouts) <seth_tan@sst.edu.sg>
Ms Genevieve Zhang Jiaxin (Show Choir) <zhang_jiaxin_genevieve@sst.edu.sg>
Ms Zhao Jing (Taekwondo) <zhao_jing@sst.edu.sg>
Ms Alice Lim (Fencing) <alice_lim@sst.edu.sg>
Ms Yeo Yuh Shing Serinne (Media Club) <yeo_yuh_shing_serinne@sst.edu.sg>
Mr Jerome Tan Cheow Yiong (Football) <jerome_tan@sst.edu.sg>
Mr Mohammad Noor Mohamed Hussein (Floorball) <mohammad_noor@sst.edu.sg>
Ms Janet Tan Sai Keng (Athletics) <janet_tan@sst.edu.sg>
Mr Tan Chin Guan (Robotics) <tan_chin_guan@sst.edu.sg>

Thank you.