Thursday 4 February 2021

S1 Selection of CCA (Updates)

Dear S1 Students,

Hope you have been well.

As some students had missed the CCA Tryouts last week due to MC, we had to conduct the make-up sessions this week. All S1's should receive the outcomes of the Tryouts via email by this Saturday. If you didn't receive any news from the CCA, that means you are on the waiting list, i.e. you may be accepted into the CCA if the number of applicants is not too many. 

On Friday, you will receive a hard copy CCA Option Form and a similar Google Form. You are to complete both forms with identical choices, i.e. in the same order. The deadline for submission is Monday, 8 Feb, 8am. You must get your parents to sign on the hard copy and you are to submit it to your FT's. Make full use of your 6 choices; Please do not select a CCA if you were told that you did not meet the selection requirements after you have attended the Tryout.

Please refer to the CCA Schedule and avoid clashes with your 3rd Language classes and other commitments, if possible.

Thank you.