Tuesday 4 January 2022

2022 ACE@SST: Service Learning Programme, Volunteering and Service Hours Matters

Dear students and parents, 

A very happy 2022 to everyone. 2020 and 2021 has seen many disruptions and changes to school programmes. The Active Citizenship Education (ACE) Committee has the following programmes in place this year to ensure our students continue to participate meaningfully in improving their community. 

Secondary 1: 

Basic Advocacy and Service Education programme (Term 4) 

Secondary 2: 

Learning Alliance Beyond Borders (LABB) (year long) 

Secondary 3: 

Cohort-wide School Led Service projects (Term 2 to 3) 

Secondary 4: 

Cohort-wide School Led Service projects (Term 1 to 2) 

Other than the cohort-wide service-learning programs, we wish to encourage student agency and further service opportunities are available through, 

  1. Volunteering with Student-initiated projects organised by the ACE student leaders. 

  2. Initiating your own service projects

  3. Volunteering with external organisations. 

Volunteering through Student-initiated projects. 

The ACE student leaders will organise student initiated service projects from time to time and will seek volunteers. Students are encouraged to sign up for them. Examples of projects are collaborations with Singapore Cancer Society and MCYS. 

Self-initiated service projects

Students are also encouraged to initiate their own service projects in the areas they are passionate about. If you are keen, please write in to the relevant teachers-in-charge or seek out a fellow ACE student leader who will guide you from there. 

Volunteering with external organisations. 

SST recognises service rendered to external organisations provided certain conditions are met. Please note the following information on volunteering and submission of service hours documents. 

(i) Before volunteering: Get permission from your parents/ guardians before signing up with the external organisation.

(ii) After volunteering: Obtain an official document from the external organisation with your full name and the hours volunteered. This document must be signed by the personnel in charge or stamped with the official logo of the organisation.

(iii) Within 2 weeks after the completion of service: Submit a scanned copy or clear photo image of the official document using “ACE@SST: Service Hours SubmissionGoogle Form.

* If you intend to volunteer regularly/ multiple times at the same external organisation, submit the official document only after the last service for the year by 20 November 2022.  

For example, if you intend to volunteer at Willing Hearts every month until December, submit the official document after the last service in December instead of submitting the record every month. 

* For service at an external organisation with a group of friends on the same dates, only 1 representative should submit the Google Form on behalf of the group, attaching the relevant documents for every group member in the form.   

If you have queries on the following service learning matters, you may contact the following teachers:

Queries on ACE programmes, ACE Student leadership and service-projects: 

Mr Alvin Tan (alvin_tan@sst.edu.sg)
Mr Keith Wee (wee_kheng_leong@sst.edu.sg

Queries on self-initiated projects: 

Ms Merlene Paik (merlene_paik_xin_yi@sst.edu.sg )

Ms Althea Ong (althea_ong_min@sst.edu.sg )

Queries on volunteering with external organisations and service hours for LEAPS 2.0:

Ms Althea Ong (althea_ong_min@sst.edu.sg )