Thursday 24 March 2022

Contributing to the community and Raising awareness with #SSTACTvocates

 Dear SST Students,

Do you have a community issue that you are passionate about? Are you looking to raise awareness about it? 

With Advocacy@SST, you can send us your take on an issue which could be posted on our Instagram! 

Through Advocacy@SST, we aim to encourage and inspire every SSTudent to contribute to the local and global community by advocating for a cause through social media. We also hope to provide students with a platform that can empower them to advocate for different issues for the betterment of society by ensuring that their voices are heard.

The process to take part is really simple! All you need to do is:
  1. Visit our Instagram page @sstactvocates and click on the Google form in our bio. (Like and share our page while you are at it!)
  2. Submit a topic of your choice along with relevant information via the Google form.
  3. Next, the #SSTActvocates team will pick a submission and you will work with them to design a post, create a poster, or even film a video.
  4. Once your content has been finalised, it will be posted on our Instagram page @sstactvocates immediately!
Check out Instagram page @sstactvocates to find out more!"