Thursday 19 May 2022

#SEAstainable - An ACE Student-initiated Service-Learning Project

Dear SST Family,

As part of #SEAstainable, an ACE student-initiated project that aims to raise awareness about ocean conservancy and plastic pollution, ACE Leaders from the #SSTore@ACE team have produced a short video explaining the impacts of plastic pollution on the oceans and what you can do to help. Watch this short video and learn about how micro-plastics impact the ocean and the simple steps you can take to reduce these impacts.

P.S. For those who have pre-ordered merchandise with #SEAstainable, do drop by our pop-up store for collection on 25th & 27th May, 2pm to 2.40pm and 1pm to 2pm, respectively.

Best Regards,

Kenneth Koh (S3-01)

On behalf of ACE #SSTore Team