Friday, 9 September 2022

Welcome back to Term 4, 2022!

 Dear students, 

Welcome back to SST in  Term 4, 2022! 

We hope that you have had a good break and are looking forward to seeing your friends and teachers back in school! :) 

Do note that the morning assembly for T4W1 for Secondary 1 - 3 will be held in the ISH.

 i.e. Assembly in the ISH for the whole week. 


We will be having Assembly talk series in Week 1 from 0845 - 0900 on 12th Sept and 0745 - 0800hrs from 13th  - 16th Sept 2022. We hope to equip you with practical strategies to support yourself mentally and emotionally, as you face various challenges e.g. exam anxiety, peer-to-peer relationships. 

Here are some useful information and usual reminders to help you prepare for your return to school. 

Preparing for the School

1. Things to pack: 

  • Hand sanitiser / Wet wipes
  • book for reading.

2. Attire and Grooming 

  • A gentle reminder for all students to be appropriately attired in your school uniform and groomed when you report for school. 
  • You may refer to the SST School Attire guidelines for details.

3. Safe Management Measures in School

All students are expected to play their part as a responsible member of the SST community by complying with the Safe Management Measures. 

Social Responsibility: 

  • Remain at home if you are feeling unwell or have a positive ART result and seek medical advice. 
  • If you are placed on Health Risk Warning (HRW), please ensure that you have a valid negative ART result and show it to your form teacher before coming to school.
  • Check and monitor your own temperature daily. 

4. Practising Good Hygiene Upon Arrival in School 

  • Wash hands with soap and water or clean hands with hand sanitiser
  • Wipe down your desk area.
  • Wash hands with soap and water or clean hands with hand sanitiser after wipe-down.

Looking forward to seeing you back in school! :)