Friday 28 October 2022

October to December 2022 : Service-Learning / Volunteering Opportunities

Dear Students, 

With the school holidays starting tomorrow for most of you, the ACE committee in collaboration with Heartware Network is sharing some volunteering opportunities which you may be keen to take up. 

To note: 

1. These opportunities are open for October to December 2022 for sign up and some projects go into the end of 2023.  

2. You will need to create an account on Youthbank to access the sign-up. 

3. To be awarded the Service-hours under LEAPS 2.0, you will need to submit the relevant information to the link here



Programme Name

Volunteer Role

What they can learn

Duration of Commitment

Recruitment Period 


Heartware - River Hong Bao 2023


Provide hospitality management to spectators and visitors to the River Hongbao celebrations. 

General Volunteer

· Learn to manage the spectators and visitors visiting the River Hongbao event and improve communication skills

Jan 2023 

Start Date: 13 Oct 2022



Support Our Pioneers Programme 2023


Provide social emotional support to isolated seniors through bi-weekly home visitations.

General Volunteer

· Learn to engage isolated seniors bi-weekly  through house visitations. 

Jan 2023 to Dec 2023

Start Date: 1 Oct 2022



Heartware Support Our Pioneers (Digital Learning Workshop) Q1 2023

Equip seniors with relevant digital skills, such as using a smartphone and e-govt services.


General Volunteer

Learn to conduct digital learning workshops with seniors weekly for three months

Feb 2023 to Apr 2023

Start Date: 12 Dec 2022 


Heartware – Interactive Virtual Learning 2022 (December Holidays)

General Volunteer

· Learn to plan and execute virtual activities to enrich the lives of underserved beneficiaries

5 Dec 2022 to 29 Dec 2022

Start Date: 30 Sept 2022