Saturday 29 October 2022

Purchase of School Textbooks and Uniform for AY 2023


Dear Students

Please note the following information for the purchase of textbooks and uniform for the next academic year:  

Purchase of School Uniform 

Purchase of school uniform can be made via the following:  

- Online purchase with delivery to home address at a nominal fee of $6 per sales transaction

- Purchase in SST (selected dates and strictly by appointment only)

- Purchase at vendor's retail outlet (strictly by appointment only).  

Current students are encouraged to purchase the uniform before 30 November 2022.  Please refer to the following link for further details on online purchase and booking of appointments.  

2023 Uniform

Uniform Price Guide 

Online Uniform Purchase

Please note that the sale of School Uniform items in the School Bookshop will be suspended during the school holidays and until 5 January 2023.  

Purchase of School Textbooks 

Purchase of school textbooks and stationery can be made in School (no appointment required) or via the vendor's online ordering platform from 7 November 2022.  Please note that you are required to register an account before proceeding with your online purchase.  To ensure timely delivery of the school textbooks, all online orders should be placed by 14 December 2022.  Students may request for delivery to their home address (a delivery charge of $10.70 per location is applicable) or self-collection from the School Bookshop (strictly by appointment only).  Students can select the date and time for collection after orders have been placed and payments have been made online.   

 2023 Booklists

Online Textbook Purchase

As part of our Safe Management Measures, kindly note that only one parent can accompany the student to enter the school.

 Thank you for keeping our school safe.