Monday, 17 October 2022

[S3] HMTL students - GCE O-Level MTL Exam

Dear Sec 3 HMTL Students

The GCE O-Level MTL Exam is scheduled on 8 November.

Please refer to the links below for details:

Please read and note the following points prior to your examination.

1. REPORTING TIME - Candidates are to report 45 mins BEFORE the start of the exam paper at the exam assembly venue.

2. ASSEMBLY VENUE/ SEAT NUMBER AND SEATING PLAN - Refer to your seat number and seating plan BEFORE the exam day - Assemble at ISH (Sit according to the row number card placed on the floor)

3. THINGS TO BRING - ENTRY PROOF and NRIC - All required exam stationery and equipment, approved dictionaries (with SST sticker) or e-dictionaries (with SST sticker)
- The e-dictionaries model MUST be visible on your dictionaries. - OPTIONAL ITEMS: Water bottles, SST Jackets (ONLY)

4. ATTIRE AND PERSONAL GROOMING - Check your own personal grooming (attire, hair, nails, etc) - SST Uniform and S&W T-shirt are allowed - SST Jacket (optional)

5. TO ENSURE EXAM RULES AND REGULATIONS ARE NOT COMPROMISED - SWITCH OFF all electronic devices, e.g. handphones, and put them in your bag before reporting at the Exam/ Assembly venue. - Check that there are no slips of papers or notes in your pockets or jacket's pockets. EMPTY your pockets before reporting to the Exam/ Assembly venue.

6. SELF-CARE: - Visit the toilet BEFORE reporting at the Exam/ Assembly venue - Fill your water bottles, if needed, BEFORE reporting to the Exam/ Assembly venue

7. OTHER IMPORTANT THINGS TO NOTE: - Write your FULL name, O-Level Index Number (Not your class register number) on EVERY piece of writing paper you use during exam. - Write your FULL name, O-Level Index Number (Not your class register number) DURATION the given exam duration, NOT after the exam duration. Please do not test the system. - Use a ball-point pen for all your examination.

Thank you and all the best for your O-Level Exam! 😀

Posted on behalf of Ms Janet Tan, Presiding Examiner