Thursday 19 January 2023

Orator's Trophy Competition organised by ACJC

Dear students,

The annual ORATOR’S TROPHY organised by ACJC is back!

For those who are interested, please read the following details:

1. Each participant is to submit two recordings; one topic for Preliminary Round 1 AND one topic for Preliminary Round 2.

2. Recordings must be in full body and participants must be in school uniform.

3. Recordings should be in mp4 format.

4. Label recordings as Class_Name_RoundX_Y [X refers to Preliminary Round Number, Y refers to Question Number. Refer to Page 5 of the Invitation Letter.]
- E.g. S1-09_JohnLee_Round1_2

5. Submit your recordings to BOTH:
- Mr Chok []
- Ms Tan []

6. Submission DEADLINE: 30 Jan 2023, Mon, 5pm

7. If you are selected to represent SST, you will be notified by 2 Feb 2023, Thurs.

8. You may view the information of the Orator's Trophy here:
Invitation Letter

Junior League: S1 & S2 (lower sec)
Senior League: S3 & S4 (upper sec)

For those with queries, please drop either Mr Chok or Ms Tan an email.

Thank you.