Thursday 26 January 2023

[S3 and S4] Student-Initiated Service Learning Project (CCA/Committee Group-Sec 3&4)

 Dear Secondary 3 and 4 students,

Amidst the preparation and execution of your respective classes’ service learning projects, this is a gentle reminder for those who are interested in initiating separate self-initiated projects with peers from your CCA or Committee. If you would like to initiate projects, please refer to the instructions and timeline in this document.

Here are some key dates for ease of reference:

Between Term 1 to 3 (at least 6 weeks before the service day) – 

  • Form a committee of maximum 5 students.

  • Submit a draft proposal (Stage 1 and Stage 2A of the Student-Initiated Service Learning Project Form) to your CCA/Committee teacher-in-charge and book a consultation with him/her (who will be mentoring you and your team).

  • Your CCA/Committee teacher-in-charge will email to Mr Elson Loh (ACE teacher) your draft proposal. If approved, your teacher-in-charge will guide you in completing the final and completed proposal (Stage 1, Stage 2A and Stage 2B)

  • Your CCA/Committee teacher-in-charge will email to Mr Elson Loh (ACE teacher) your final and completed proposal. Teacher-in-charge will receive the result of proposal submitted from Mr Elson Loh, i.e. whether the project is approved. 

  • After the Project is approved, the group embarks on planning and implementation of the student-initiated project under supervision by assigned teacher mentor from CCA/Committee.

By 30 June 2023 - Service of student-initiated project to be completed 

Should you have further queries regarding Student-Initiated Service Learning Projects or the above procedures, please do not hesitate to contact any of the following ACE Committee teachers via email:

  1. Mr Elson Loh (

  2. Ms Nurus Sa'adah (nurus_sa'

  3. Mr Keith Wee (