Tuesday, 24 January 2023

[S3 & S4] See Think Wonder Challenge!

Dear Sec 3 and Sec 4 students,

You are invited to join the See Think Wonder Challenge!

This is the world's first Challenge centered around Harvard Thinking Routines, where you will develop the ability and the inclination to think and articulate your thoughts.

It is a free, sequential Challenge to build up a good habit to
  1. Look closely
  2. Make evidence-based interpretations
  3. Innovate with reasons
You will bring these skills to Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) proposals to IKEA and 7-ELEVEN and directly present the ideas to them. Those who advance to the Finals will also be sponsored to fly to Taiwan for the final presentation.

For Round 1 to Semi-Final, the Challenge will be hosted online so anyone (aged 15-19) can join.

In Round 1, you will observe and compare the pictures to see the progress over the past century and think about the human needs behind the progress.

Here are the details for Round 1:

Here is the link to the See Think Wonder Challenge handbook. You may refer to the handbook for more details on the Challenge.

For those who are interested to participate, please fill in the form here by 29 Jan, Sunday, so that I will be able to register for you. Do email me if you have further queries.

Thank you.

Ms Priscilla Lee
Dean Academic Studies