Thursday 9 February 2023

#YOEO (You only eat once) Challenge

Dear students, 

We are commemorating Total Defence Week. 

We often find ourselves sticking to the familiar and comfortable, but have you ever thought about stepping out of your comfort zone and trying something new? The canteen has a wide range of delicious and healthy options that can help you expand your palate and embrace the unknown.

Trying new foods can help to build resilience and face new challenges with confidence. So why not challenge yourself and try something you've never had before? Visit the SST canteen today and let your taste buds do the talking!"

Upload the food/drink that you write and answer the following questions below. Take a picture of the food/drink and share the LINK with us to see it. [Ensure that you enable access for us to view the picture]  

You will be awarded house points. You can access the Google Form here


NE team (ACE Committee)