Tuesday 1 August 2023

National Day Commemoration (31st July-8th Aug): The SST Way

Dear students,

In line with the school's unique DNA of Applied Learning, where the activities are school community-focused, active and relevant. The theme of Onward As One allows SSTudents and SSTaff to be reflective and forward thinking in sharing our aspirations for the nation, whilst recalling the events in our history that have made us progressive for the future.

At a glance, these will be the various activities happening from today, 31st July to 8th August!

Media Club’s photo and video challenge! Exciting prizes to be won and house points will be awarded!!! Don’t miss that out!!!

Please refer to the briefing slides for more details.

We wish you a memorable National Day commemoration this year!!!

Thank you!

On behalf of NE committee

Mrs Genevieve Tia, Mr Elson Loh, Mdm Nurus & Ms Ruth Loh