Sunday 13 August 2023

[S1, S2, S3] Out of Bounds areas on 14 Aug, 16 Aug and 17 Aug 2023

Dear S1, S2 and S3 students,

  • Please be informed that the Secondary 4 students will be taking their Preliminary Science Practical Examination on 14 Aug (Mon), 16 Aug (Wed) and 17 Aug (Thu).
  • The exam venues are Biology Labs and Chemistry Labs in Block C, Level 1. As such, the area outside these labs are Out of Bounds to ALL students. Do not walk into this area.
  • Other Out of Bounds areas in Block C are Level 2 (outside Phy Labs) and Level 3 (outside Lecture Theatre and Seminar Room).
  • In addition, 2 sets of staircase are also Out of Bounds. Please use the staircase next to the walkway to MPH or the staircase next to the canteen. See the layout of Block C Level 1 below.

  • If you come across areas cordoned off by red and white tape, do not enter those areas.