Thursday 3 August 2023

Sec 3 English Language EOY Oral Exam [11/8, 14/8, 16/8]

Dear SST Students, 

Please note that the S3 students (with the exception of S303 and S304) will be sitting for the Sec 3 EL EOY Oral Exam in Term 3 Week 7 and Week 8 on the following dates:

T3W7 Friday (11 August) - 1330 onwards
T3W8 Monday (14 August) - 1550 onwards
T3W8 Wednesday (16 August) - 1430 onwards

As such, your assistance is required to ensure a conducive environment for the Sec 3s to take their examination. Please refrain from making noise in the vicinity of Block B and Cespecially in the afternoon as it may affect the performance of those taking the oral examination. 

We would also like to remind all S1-S3 classes to vacate their classrooms immediately after school so that they can be used as exam venues. You are reminded to take your belongings with you. No one will be allowed into the venues once the oral examination has begun. 

Thank you and let's wish our S3 all the best for their Oral Examinations.