Tuesday 28 May 2024

[S1 to S3 Only] Invitation to Participate: The International Applied Mathematics Olympiad (IAMO)

You are invited to participate in the International Applied Mathematics Olympiad (IAMO).

The objectives of the IAMO are:

  1. to foster critical thinking and scientific inquiry through the challenges of solving Mathematics problems

  2. to identify the top students in the field of Mathematics who are ready to compete at an international level

It is a series of 90-minute online Mathematics quizzes for students.

  • The 1st round is a 25-MCQ quiz, and finalists would be shortlisted to attempt a 2nd round of 30 MCQs.
  • The 1st round will be held online on 13 July, from 07.30 PM to 09.30 PM, and the second round will be held online on 14 July, from 07.30 PM to 09.30 PM. (Do note that the two dates fall on the weekend)

The competition fee is $20 USD and will be collected through Edusave. The fee will be collected through GIRO if you do not have sufficient Edusave funds.

Slots are limited and will be based on a first-come-first-serve basis. If you want to participate in this challenge, kindly sign up here.

The deadline for signing up will be 26 June 2024 (Wednesday). Once you have signed up, more updates will be communicated via your school e-mail. If you have further questions, contact Mr Andy Chia at chia_song_zhe_andy@sst.edu.sg.