Wednesday 4 December 2013

Y2014 S1: Pre-School Engagement Programme #0 Overview

In SST, students would apply a range of ICT skills to learn and demonstrate their understanding (e.g. creation of artefacts). This is in line with the national strategies as well as SST's goals to prepare our learners to be 21st century-ready.

This repetoire of skills includes
(a) MOE's Baseline ICT Standards for Students (rolled out to all schools in 2007-2008): 
1. Basic Operations - Operating in an interactive media environment
2. Learning with Searches - Intenet navigation and search

3. Learning with Text - Word Processing
4. Learning with Multimedia - Production and Manipulation of media content
5. Learning with Spreadsheet - Data Management and Processing
6. Learning with Communication Tools - Online Communication
7. Learning with Data Collection Tools - Data Collection and Transfer

In SST, students will go deeper into each of the above areas. They will also be using the following:

(b) Web 2.0 Applications
Generally, the suite of applications includes
1. Blogs
2. Google-related applications (e.g. Apps such as GoogleSite, GoogleSpreadsheet, Map etc.)
3. Glogster, Linoit, Mindmeister, Padlet, Poppet etc
4. Create Debate
5. Twitter, Tumblr, Facebook, Google+, Whatsapp etc

(c) Software applications 
This includes...
1. iLife - Photo Booth, iPhoto, iMovie, Garageband
2. iWork - Pages, KeyNote, Numbers
3. Preview
4. QuickTime Player
5. Grapher, Geogebra

To begin this journey, make sure you have the installed the list of free Mac applications listed in my previous post and check that you have:

1. Logged in to the school email account? 

2. Accessed Blogger and GoogleMap using your school email account?
  • Click HERE to read more about Blogger

3. Created the following accounts using your school email account?
Your SST account, other than used to access your SST mail, is a powerful passport to the digital world. The following are some web applications that are accessible using your SST google apps account.
On top of these Google Apps integrated web apps, there are other useful ones that you can sign up:

Do you know what's the purpose of some of these platforms?
Check them out in their respective websites :)