Tuesday 6 January 2015

(Digital Citizenship) Parents Engagement Session #2 & #4 on 16 January 2015 (Friday) & 6 February 2015 (Friday) respectively

Dear Parents

We are running the 2nd parents engagement session on 16 January 2015 (Friday) afternoon - it coincides with the Badge Night. You may want to attend the session to  experience what your child does with the learning device in the class.

Sec 2 parents are also welcome to attend :)

Deadline for registration: 13 January 2015 (Tuesday). 
We will confirm your attendance on14 January 2015 (Wednesday).

UPDATE (8 January 2015)
Dear Parents

Due to popularity of the session, Session #2 (16 January) is over-subscribed. 
We would like to seek your understanding that we are keeping the number of participants at a comfortable size so that all parents would be engaged in the hands-on activities. As such, we are unable to accommodate a larger group.

However, we are running a similar session on 16 February (Friday) - Parents Engagement Session #4. This will be the same as Session #2, to be held on 16 January 2015.