Monday 26 January 2015

PforSST Badminton

Dear Students
On behalf of PforSST, please inform your parents of the activity organised by PforSST for parent and child bonding.

Dear Parents
PforSST would like to invite all fathers and child for a monthly badminton session in SST. Let's all gather for another round of Badminton under the Father@School programme. As you are aware, the aim is to create an opportunity for fathers and child to bond and to have fun with them.

This is a time where families come together to build a village of families to build a greater nation in today's society. Hence, invitation also goes out to the immediate family members as well.

Badminton game by itself gives every individual an opportunity to exercise and sharpen our alertness and agility. Preparing every individual for a harmonized lifestyle that should not be missed out, more so when studies and work can be a heavy load to carry. Additionally sporting activities is one good way to get parents and the young ladies and gentlemen away from the screen activities.

"PforSST Badminton" is one of the great sporting activities to welcome the New Year 2015, for both, the students of SST and their family. Believing that every individual is unique and need every form of exercise to strengthen ourselves physically and then expound intellectually in class at school, every family should appreciate one another and find the importance of making time for bonding, caring and loving one another.

PforSST Badminton Session for all families "A family sport, A time of bonding and An individual challenge".
Location: SST Multi-Purpose Hall
Date: 07 Feb 2015
Time: 9:00 am to 11:00 am
Registration Link: CLICK HERE 

Badminton Aficionados of PforSST
Gabriel, John and Richard

Thank you.