Thursday 1 January 2015

Reminder: Attire and Grooming

Dear Students,

Welcome to back to SST in 2015! Hope you had a great holiday!

Gentle reminder for all students to be appropriately groomed when you report for school on 2 Jan:

Male Students

  • Hair must be short and neatly combed 
  • Clean-shaven (not allowed to keep facial hair such as beards, long side-burns or moustaches)
Female Students – Hair that is shoulder length or longer must be tied up
  • Simple hair accessories such as hand bands, hair clips may be worn
  • Long fringe should be clipped up
Fingernails must be kept clean, short and unvarnished
Attire worn must be clean and neatly pressed with no no holes, tears or frayed areas. 

  • Click here for more guidelines 
Remember to bring along a book for silent reading during morning assembly!