Tuesday 2 July 2019

2019 GCE O-Level MTL/HMTL Oral Exam

The GCE O-Level MTL eOral examination will take place from 9 to 22 July(MTL) and 29 July to 2 Aug(HMTL),  between 2:00 p.m. and 6:30 p.m.

The designated exam venue and waiting room will be Info Hub (Level 5) and Tutorial Room 3 (B-05-05) respectively.

Your assistance is required to ensure a conducive environment for the candidates to take their examination. Please refrain from making noise in the vicinity of Block A, especially areas nearer to the Info Hub to ensure a conducive environment for candidates taking the O-level examination.

The following venues will be out of bounds after 13:45:
  • Info Hub (Level 5)
  • Tutorial Room 3
  • Level 5 linkway from Block C to Block B and from Block B to Block A
S4 CL/ML/TL/CLB/TLB/HCL/HML/HTL candidates & S3 HCL/HML/HTL candidates, Please take note of:

  1. Briefing Slides
  2. CL Oral Schedule
  3. ML Oral Schedule
  4. TL Oral Schedule
  5. CLB Oral Schedule
  6. TLB Oral Schedule
  7. S4HCL Oral Schedule
  8. S4HML Oral Schedule
  9. S4HTL Oral Schedule
  10. CSP Oral Schedule
  11. French Oral Schedule
  12. German Oral Schedule

If your classmates were not around during the briefing, kindly share with them important notes about the eOral Exam.

The SEAB interactive platform can be accessed via the internet from the following URL:


All the best for your exams!

Mr Peng Wee Chuen