Monday 14 December 2015

2016 Pre-school Engagement Programme - Session 3

Introduction to Google Forms and Sheets
Dear 2016 Sec 1 students,

In the Pre-School Engagement Activities - Session 2, we have seen Google docs and slides at work. In this session, we will see how Google Forms and Sheets can work hand in hand.
  • Google Sheets App handles data and make meaning out of them using functions and formulas.
  • Like Docs and Slides, Sheets are cloud-based and facilitates collaborative editing and commenting.

Furthermore, it is tightly integrated with Google Forms App and data collected from a form can go straight to a sheet.

Here are some quick starts reference material and the cheat sheets for Google Sheets and Google Forms



Video introduction to the latest change in Google Sheets.


Let do a simple activity in Forms to collate information on the participation of 2015 Sec 1 students on the Pre-School Engagement Activities:

Activity 1 - Progress Tracking Form Activity
  1. Based on your participation in the activities so far, complete the form below:

2. Access the form data at and make a copy in your own drive.

Check out the auto summary of responses generated by Google FormsUsing built-in functions such as AVERAGE or COUNTIF, create a summary of responses for questions 1 to 3.

Turn in your work in Google Classroom, submitting your spreadsheet generated from this activity.

Activity 2 - Data Gathering Task

1. Each of you will design a survey with at least 3 questions and at most 6 questions.
The questions must revolve around a general theme or hypothesis, eg, Study habits of 2016 Sec 1 SST students, Food that we love etc .

2. Create a Google Form and get at least fifteen Sec 1 Students (2016) to respond. Store the responses in a separate spreadsheet with the same name as the form.

3. Generate a report of the findings in a one-page Google Doc. (Hint: You can grab a report template from The Doc must have more than one chart and a concluding paragraph. Embed the Google Doc as a post in your blog.

4. Turn in your work in Google Classroom, submitting your form, responses spreadsheet and the 1-page Gdoc report generated from this activity.

That's it for session 3. In the next session, we will learn some Online Virtual Note and Mind Mapping Apps. The learning material will be posted on Wednesday 16 Dec 2015.