Monday 18 February 2019

Support #teamSST in the NUS Geography Challenge Competition 2019

Do support #teamSST in the NUS Geography Challenge Creative Component Competition 2019 by voting for them with a "Like" or "Love" via Facebook hereOur team of four Sec 4 students has chosen Rojak and created a poster demonstrating excellence and commitment in their efforts. Please also share their poster on your Facebook, before voting closes this Friday 22 Feb 2019 2359hours. 

The focus for this year's Creative Component is on Food. Teams are required to map the journey of a chosen food item from its historical origins to its arrival on the shores of Singapore. In their poster, teams should aim to clearly represent the journey of the food item, stakeholders involved (e.g. a brand/company that brought it to Singapore, or immigrants who brought it with them in the past) and adaptations made to the food item from its origin to Singapore, over space and time. Additionally, they should describe how the food item further evolved after its arrival in Singapore, where applicable.

Thank you!