Monday 9 March 2020

Travel Declaration for March Holidays

Dear Students, MOH has advised Singapore residents to defer all travel to Hubei Province, and avoid non-essential travel to a growing list of COVID-19 affected areas. To ensure schools continue to be a healthy and safe environment for all, we would require travel declarations from all students for the March holidays. We have informed your parents to declare your travel plans for the March holidays, including trips to Johor Bahru and any city of transit. They are are required to make the travel declaration, including both the country and city of travel, via Parents Gateway (Go to [SERVICE > DECLARE TRAVELS]). Only one parent is required to declare. A declaration is also required if you are not travelling. Please remind your parents to do so by 11 March 2020, Wed. If there is a change of travel plans after declaration, please inform the school directly. Please refer to the advisory for details on the Stay-Home Notice (Click Here). Thank you for your support to keep our school safe.

School of Science and Technology, Singapore