Tuesday 27 April 2021

2021 Young Technopreneur Challenge (For Sec 2 and 3 Students)

Dear Students 

Junior Achievement Singapore cordially invites students to their Online JA Young Technopreneur Challenge 2021. The Young Technopreneur Challenge, sponsored by HP Inc. and supported by South West Community Development Council (CDC), aims to support students to take ownership of the world they live in and actively develop solutions to the UN Sustainable Development Goals, Singapore Green Plan 2030 and Sustainable South West Masterplan.

We aim to interest, excite and provide students a unique platform to stretch their imagination and push their boundaries to learn to think global, innovate, create and pitch an idea or concept by making use of STEM and technology. We will also provide an opportunity for students to display their innovative ideas and passion through STEM workshops and to be guided by business mentors which will complement their learning journeys leading up to the competition presentation day.

The challenge consists of 3 bootcamps where students will develop their ideas, go through a rigorous design thinking process, research and prototype, as well as learn about the steps to becoming a technopreneur.

The challenge culminates in an expo event where students will showcase and present their ideas to a range of industry judges winners possibly taking home funding to support the development of their idea. 

The challenge culminates in an expo event where students will showcase and present their ideas to a range of industry judges – winners possibly taking home funding to support the development of their idea. 

Student participation criteria:

  1. Secondary 2 & 3

  2. Must have a laptop and internet connection. All bootcamps and the Innovation Expo & Presentation will be held online using Zoom.

  3. Permission from parents is required to participate. 

Phases of the Competition:

  1. Sustainability Plans Select a problem related to the UN Sustainable Development Goals or

    Singapore Green Plan 2030 or Sustainable South West Masterplan.

  2. Innovative Idea In teams of 4 students, think of an idea to solve the problem. The solution will

    utilize STEM to make the world a better place.

  3. Registration Register your team of 4 students via https://www.ja.org.sg/the-young- technopreneur-challenge-2021.html. For your registration, you must indicate your choice of the problem related to the Sustainabiity Plans that your team has chosen to address. (You don’t need to identify the specific issue yet.)

  4. Bootcamps To enhance the learning experience for the Young Technopreneur Challenge, 3 bootcamps (design thinking, STEM applications, and pitching & presentation) will be required for all participants. Teams are assigned their mentors during the first bootcamp. The bootcamps will be conducted online.

  5. Innovation Expo & Presentation All the teams will showcase their innovative ideas at the Innovation Expo & Presentation. Top 10 teams will be selected to advance to the final round ofthe competition to be held in the afternoon.


The 3 mandatory bootcamps will cover:


  1. Prizes: Teams will be competing for the following awards:

    1st place: Trophy + Digital device / accessories 2nd place: Trophy + Digital device / accessories 3rd place: Trophy + Digital device / accessories Best Presentation: Trophy

    Best Prototype: Trophy

    Most Innovative Idea: Trophy

  2. Company Job Shadow: Top 3 teams will participate in a job shadow program for 1 to 5 days at HP Inc. Find out why they are one of the most innovative companies in the world and share your ideas with their team (post Covid-19).

  3. Funding. SGD 3,000 is available for the winning team for reaching approved implementation goals and milestones following the challenge to further develop the idea.

Students Learning Objectives:

  1. Understand the UN Sustainable Development Goals, Singapore Green Plan 2030, and Sustainable South West Masterplan

  2. Be able to identify societal challenges in their environment

  3. Work with mentors from HP and South West CDC Environment Functional Committee

  4. Learn more about STEM and applying technology & STEM to their solutions

  5. Develop an entrepreneurial mind-set and skills

  6. Learn how to take an idea from concept to realization

  7. Have fun and contribute to a better society

  8. Develop and improve the following skills:

    • Presentation skills

    • Gain self confidence

    • Communication

    • Teamwork

    • Creative thinking 


Students who are interested must first be able to commit to the demands of the challenge as stated above and get their parents' permission before they sign up. Also they must be be able to attend the I&E TDP sessions on Monday afternoon from 3 p.m. to 4.30 p.m. 

Once students have formed a team of 4, they are to email Mr Lam Hin Chew (lam_hin_chew@sst.edu.sg) for approval with the full names and classes of the team members latest by this Friday 30 April. 

As the challenge registration is on a first come first serve basis, the school cannot guarantee that all teams will be accepted.

Thank you.

Mr. Lam Hin Chew

Dean Student Development