Tuesday 24 December 2013

SST's Community Outreach to Elderly in 2014

SST will be reaching out to the elderly residents living in the Southwest CDC region in 2014. As such, we will be collaborating with the SouthWest CDC on a school-wide level to run a series of community involvement activities involving our students.

The objectives of the community outreach are:
1) to foster and promote the message of intergenerational harmony
2) to assist and care for elders living in residential care homes/ hospices
3) to advocate a community spirit of care and appreciation for the elderly amongst our younger generation

To kick start the year-long community outreach, we will be having the following community involvement activities in the first 2 weeks of January:

1) Community Food Donation Drive 2014 (participation by all 2014 Sec 2 and 3 students) - on 2 Jan and 11 Jan 
2) Flag Day with Caregiving Welfare Association (participation by all 2014 Sec 4 students) - on 11 Jan
All Sec 2, 3 and 4 students will have to print out the relevant consent form  (see attached) for the community involvement activities  and return the reply slips to their form teacher on the first day of school (i.e. 2 January).