Friday 21 February 2014

MTL Mock Examination on 18 March (TUE)

Dear Sec 4 MTL Students,

This MTL Mock Examination on 18 March (TUE) is meant for students taking Chinese Language, Malay Language and Tamil Language. 

Please report to the venue at 745 am sharp. The exam schedule will be as follow: 
Paper 1 - 8 am to 10 am 
Break - 10 am to 1025 am
Paper 2 -1030 am to 1200 pm

The Venue are as follow: 
S401, S402, S403. S404 (Chinese Language Students)  - Tutorial Room 1 
S405, S406, S407, S408, S409 (Chinese Language, Malay Language, Tamil Language Students) - Tutorial Room 2

Instructions to all candidates :
1.  All students are to be in SST uniform.
2.  Please be reminded to bring your stationery and your MTL dictionary or e-dictionary for the mock exam.
3.  Do have your breakfast before the papers and bring your own food for the break.

Teachers on duty : Mdm Yeo Sok Hui, Mr Zhang Zhong, Mdm Arfah