Friday 18 May 2018

[ECG] 2018 Poly Early Admissions Exercise (EAE) for Sec 4 students

Dear Sec 4 students and parents of Sec 4 students, 

Students who wish to gain admission to a polytechnic can also participate in the Polytechnic EAE (Poly EAE), which will commence on 21 Jun 2018, for admission in 2019.

Students who are interested to apply for the upcoming Poly Admissions Exercise, please read the information and timeline provided in the 2018 Poly EAE Briefing Slides and the 2018 Poly EAE Factsheet that were shared by your form teachers earlier. 

More Information on the Poly EAE can also be found on the Poly EAE website at

Students can approach their Form Teacher or Head of Year 4 (Mr Stanley Tan) if they have any enquiries and/or clarifications about the Poly EAE.  

Thank you.