Tuesday 15 February 2022

SST Sec 4 Service-Learning Projects - PawsomeCats2022 by S4-07


Dear SST Family, 


Pawsome Cats is here! 


I am Osaid from S4-07, one of the ACE student leaders in charge of #PawsomeCats2022, a donation and distribution drive for the underprivileged cats in our beloved cat community. 


1. Information on our partner Cat Welfare Society:

  • CWS is a registered charity that is dedicated to helping underprivileged cats 

2. How you can help: 

  1. Come and buy our cat-themed products!




  1. Share this blog post with your friends and family!


3. List of items we are selling

Due to logistical-related issues, we had to increase our prices slightly, we apologise for any inconvenience, and these are the updated prices.

  1. Cat Stickers, sold in packs of 5 ($2.00)

  2. Cat Keychains ($2.00)

  3. Cat Tote Bags ($6.00)


We look forward to your support in sharing our blessings.  


4. Pre-ordering

To allow more people to get the items that they want, we will be allowing students and staff to preorder, if you would like to preorder, please visit this form


5. Enquires

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact our class’ ace leaders at muhammad_osaid@s2019.ssts.edu.sg and phan_chu_toai@s2019.ssts.edu.sg 


Thank you,

Osaid Muhammad, S407

On behalf of S407