Monday 23 May 2022

[S4] GCE O-Level (Written) Exam Matters

Dear students, 

Here is the link to Mrs Genevieve Tia’s briefing slides for the GCE O-Level (Written) Exam.

Students who were absent on the day of the briefing, please go through the deck of slides:

2022 GCE O-Level Exam Briefing to Candidates_23May2022


Additionally, you may find the following documents for your reference:

  1. 30 May MTL Seating Plan at ISH (Block D, Level 1)

  2. 30 May Candidature list (check your allocated seat number here for all candidates)

  3. 30 May AA Seating Plan at CCA Room 1 (Block D, Level 3)

  4. 31 May MTL(B) Seating Plan at S4-04 classroom

  5. 31 May MTL(B) Candidature list (check your allocated seat number here)

  6. Approved list of dictionaries for examination

If you have any queries, kindly approach your FT, HOY or Mrs Genevieve Tia.

Posted by Mrs Lim WF, HOD Science