Tuesday 12 July 2022

Peer Appreciation Week (PAW)

 Dear SST family, 

Today marks the start of a newly initiated event by the Peer Support Board, which is Peer Appreciation Week (PAW)! The main objectives of this event include:

  • To give SSTudents a valuable opportunity to show appreciation and kindness to their peers 

  • To foster greater bonding and positive spirit between students 

  • To inculcate a positive culture in which the SST family practices appreciation and gratitude

  • To include every student in SST and show that each and every student is appreciated by their peers

PAW is a week-long event held during Term 3 Week 3 which gives students a chance to showcase their appreciation for their peers and allows students to grow closer to each other through spreading gratitude. Here are the following activities you can look forward to in PAW:

  • Secret Buddy [For students to show appreciation to one another]

  • A communal board [For students to write appreciation messages]

  • Morning assembly activities (Tues & Thurs)

  • Optional Afternoon Workshop [For students to make handmade crafts for buddies]

  • Online Activities on PSB Instagram page [Eg. Bingo, quizzes]

For the Afternoon Workshop, it will be taking place this Wednesday, 13 July, 1420-1450. It will be located at Maker’s Lab. 

We will be conducting tutorials on friendship bracelets and origami frogs.

Here is the sign-up form for those interested: 


Do participate in the activities and have fun! 

Best Regards,

Avilyn Joy (S3-06)

On behalf of the Peer Support Board