Monday 3 March 2014

2014 Conservation Ambassador (CA) programme

Conservation Ambassadors act as ambassadors for wildlife by spreading conservation messages to park visitors 
through interactive sharing of animal information. CAs can also conducted guided tour for keen visitors and through 
positive guided experiences, we hope to communicate the importance of wildlife conservation to the visitors, 
encouraging and hopefully effecting a change in their mindset.

Conservation Ambassadors will also get a chance to volunteer for our ad hoc events or be part of our 
volunteer-exclusive activities that may happen throughout the year.
Discipline and responsibility are paramount as Conservation Ambassadors work with one another 
independently, without the supervision of Education staff on weekends.
  • Must be 15 year old in 2014
  •  Attend 2 full-day training sessions at respective parks
  • Complete 6 duties within 6 months (each duty last 2 hours). Duties are available for sign-ups on weekends, 
              with the exception of June and December, where duties are available daily
  • Registration fee of $25
  • Flu vaccination is compulsory (at your own cost)
Training dates for the various parks are as follow:
ParkTraining DatesUseful information
Training to be Jurong Bird Park Conservation Ambassador
Duty time slot: 11.30am – 1.30pm
5 & 12 April (Saturdays)
9am – 5pm
Tentatively no programme in school
Training to be Singapore Zoo Conservation Ambassador
Duty time slot: 10am – 12pm
10 & 17 May (Saturdays)
Common test ended
 *Please check your own schedule before signing up for programme.
Please sign up by 10 March 2014. Successful applicants will be informed via email.
Please read the FAQ attached below. Please email Ms Teo Wei Ting ( if you have any queries.
You can find more information about the programme at 

2014 Conservation Ambassadors programme

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