Monday, 21 April 2014

Earth Week 2014

Dear students,

PSB in collaboration with the Environment Reps, will be organizing a series of week-long activities and quizzes to celebrate Earth Week 2014!  It is hoped that through these activities, we can increase the awareness of Earth Day and promote conservation and concern for our fragile environment. These also serve as important reminders that each of us has a part to play in helping to save and protect this planet we call Home.

So, what is Earth Day? 
Earth Day is an annual event which is held worldwide to save the environment and our resources like electricity and water. This event was first celebrated in 1970. It is coordinated by the Earth Day Network and celebrated globally with 192 countries actively participating! Click here for the theme of Earth Day 2014. 

Whats happening in SST? 
As presented this morning, some activities that will be taking place the whole of this week are as follows:

@ Start of the Green Wall Photo Competition (21st April - 25th April 2014)
Green Movement (22nd April 2014)
@ Make a Sacrifice #1- "No Air-con Day" (22nd April 2014)
@ Daily emailers with links to videos on environment conservation and quotes (22nd April 2014)
@ Quizzes by the Environment TDP Team (25th April 2014)

The power of saving the Earth lies in our hands. 
Make a difference today!

A joint collaboration between PSB and Environment Reps 2014.