Tuesday 5 August 2014

National Science Challenge 2014 - Quarterfinals

The National Science Challenge will telecast from 
5th August 2014 @ 7 pm for 7 weeks.

The SST team has participated and will be showcased 
on 12th August 2014 @ 7pm on Channel 5 in the Group B match.

They will pit their Science skills against the following schools:
Victoria, ACS(I), and Bukit Panjang Government High in Group B. 

The competition format resembles the World Cup, except for a smaller number of teams: 

Quarter Finals - 16 teams with 4 teams in 4 quarter-final matches 
- Groups A, B, C, D  
(SST is in Group B) 

Semi-Finals - 6 teams with 3 teams in 2 semi-final matches 
- First Semi-finals (Group E): A1, B1, Best 2nd Place in C/D groups 
- Second Semi-finals (Group F) : C1, D1, Best 2nd Place in A/B groups 

Finals - 3 teams
- E1, F1, and Best 2nd Place in E/F group

Thanks to Ms Patricia for being our fashion consultant 
and Dr Christopher for providing the students consultation and props.

Stay tuned for the telescast.